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Dr. Scott Smoron is providing long term, drug free relief for patients suffering from TMJ Disorders, Headaches and Migraines.

In addition to Trudenta therapy, Dr. Smoron is working, in office, with Chicago Craniofacial Pain & Rehabilitation to provide patients with the most comprehensive, effective care.

Stop Suffering

Dr. Smoron is trained and equipped with patented examination, diagnostic and treatment technologies.  We will quickly and objectively measure the imbalance which often leads to painful symptoms. 
TruDenta's proven methods identify issues which can lead to painful symptoms like TMJ/TMD, facial pain, chronic headache and migraine.


Clenching, Grinding, Tooth Breakage


TMJ problems can be chronic and debilitating, and if left untreated can lead to other symptoms like migraines and tinnitus.  Fortunately, Dr. Smoron uses non-invasive and drug free ways to resolve TMJ problems.

Screenshot of T-Scan Example

Not responding to traditional treatments, you deserve a closer look.


TruDenta certified doctors use the latest diagnostic technology to closely examine the musculoskeletal system of the head, neck, and jaw to find any signs of the inflammation and tension that can lead to TMJ pain, facial pain, chronic headaches or migraines.

Image of Patient with TMJ Pain

Lasting Relief


As an orthodontist, Dr. Smoron is experienced working with the delicate musculature of the jaw, neck and head- a perfect background to implement TruDenta's process of progressive rehabilitation and physical therapy.
Each treatment Plan is tailored to address the individual patient's symptoms, and includes FDA-cleared, painless technologies, including ultrasound, low-level cold laser, micro current and trigger point manipulation.

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