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Smiling Braces Patient

Airway Orthodontics

A healthy airway is the foundation for optimal health at any age. ​ Airway orthodontics is an approach to straightening the teeth and jaw that involves opening the airways to improve breathing, preventing airway problems.  Airway orthodontics considers aspects of the patient's health- such as health of the airway and facial development- this ensures they are receiving treatment for airway issues that may be missed.  With this treatment we can help increase oxygen intake and resolve issues like snoring and sleep apnea.

Symptoms that may benefit from Airway Orthodontics

- Mouth breathing - Excessive daytime sleepiness - Thumb sucking - Snoring - Teeth grinding & excessive tooth wear - Dark eye circles - Recurrent ear infections - Recessed or protruded lower jaw - Narrow jaw, Crooked teeth - Bedwetting - TMJ disorder - Headaches

Child with teddy bear ready to sleep.

Airway Orthodontic Services


Myofunctional Therapy

The treatment may also involve specific training procedures to help exercise the mouth and facial muscles.  Myofunctional therapy works on the principles that the cause of malocclusion may be from muscle dysfunction.  Correcting these dysfunctional habits corrects malocclusion (with early intervention) and can potentially improve facial growth.

Myofunctional Therapy Services are provided in-office by Chicago Craniofacial Pain & Rehabilitation.


Early Palatal Expansion

This procedure widens the roof of the mouth to create more room in the jaw for teeth eruption and breathing space.

Adult Expansion & Sleep Appliance Options Available


Conventional Braces & Invisalign

Both Conventional Braces & Invisalign straighten the teeth correcting. misalignment

What Sets Us Apart

Airway Orthodontics at Smiles By Smoron utilizes an integrated approach to care, utilizing both specialist orthodontic care, myofunctional therapy and physical medicine to address airway issues and improve growth and development.

With each initial visit, depending on your age and treatment goals, the patient will meet will receive both a myofunctional therapy and orthodontic examination including CBCT imaging, where treatment goals and options will be discussed.  

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