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Surgical Orthodontics


Impacted Tooth Exposure

When a tooth cannot emerge into the dental arch, an exposure and orthodontic bonding procedure is used to help the tooth emerge into its proper position.  Without proper exposure and orthodontic guidance the impacted tooth may cause damage to near by teeth and their roots.

The use of surgical lasers for tooth exposure is associated with less pain and bleeding, quick recovery and more precise orthodontic outcomes.

TAD Implants
Temporary Anchorage Device

An orthodontic implant, or Temporary Anchorage Device "TAD" is a small medical screw designed to be placed temporarily in the bone around the teeth.  TAD implants reduce the unwanted tooth movement and help direct force only where needed.  TADs may be utilized to achieve movements that wouldn't be possible with braces alone, to help align teeth quickly and efficiently, and to correct bite issues without the need for jaw surgery.

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Microimplant Assisted Rapid Palatal Expander "MARPE" and Maxillary Skeletal Expander "MSE" are forms of palatal expansion that can be utilized after skeletal growth has stopped and maturity is reached in adult patients.  MSE and MARPE offer an alternative treatment approach to jaw surgery when correcting high, narrow palates or upper and lower jaw discrepancies.

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