Things To Know Before Coming to Your Appointment 

Wear a mask

Enter alone, or let us know you are coming with your child

Review the appointment screening questions

The office may be cool, so dress accordingly

For more information read our full COVID-19 statement below

I want to first thank all of my patients,  I appreciate your understanding during these unprecedented times.  My top goal as an orthodontist  has always been to provide high quality, safe orthodontic care to my community.  As we continue to progress through the Summer and into the Fall the following safety precautions are in place at the office:


All persons entering to building will be required to wear a mask or cloth facial covering

Unfortunately, we do not have the mask supply for patients who do not have one.


Our reception area and clinical spaces are closed to guests.  

    • Children, Teens & Adults: Only patients will be allowed into the building during this time. 

  • Young Children: If you must accompany a small child, only adults with masks may enter the office 


Please let us know if your child needs accompanying so that we may plan a safe space for care.  Family spaces are available, but we cannot allow anyone besides the patient in the main clinical space where we are maintaining strict social distancing space. 


Be aware that if you need to accompany your child and do not give us notice we may need to reschedule.

Screening Questions

Everyone entering the office will be asked the following questions.  If the answer is yes to any of these questions the appointment will be rescheduled.  For the safety of my staff, other patients and yourself, please be truthful and candid in your answers.

  • Has the patient participated in any large gatherings in the last 14 days?

  • Has the patient or a member of the household traveled outside the US in the last 14 days?

  • Has the patient or a member of the household had a fever, cough or shortness of breath, sore throat, loss of taste or smell recently?

Travel Restrictions

Our office is located in Cook County.  We are asking that patients please respect the current travel quarantine recommendation for 14 days.  We are requiring that all employees self quarantine if they have traveled to a high risk state.  More information can be found at

Everyone entering the office will be provided hand sanitizer to use and have their temperature taken.

Anyone with a temperature over 100°F will be ask to reschedule

- Markers on the floor will designate where it is appropriate to stand near the check-in desk to respect the 6 foot social distancing guidelines.


- We will do our best to facilitate getting patients directly to their treatment space.  We ask that you kindly do not enter the building early and please wait in your car until your scheduled appointment time.​​  There is no need to call, we are expecting you.


- You may be newly aware of some infection control and prevention procedures, but these procedures are not new to dental offices.  As always our office continues to maintain a clean, disinfected and sterilized environment. Just as prior to COVID 19 the office is following all current Infection Control and Prevention Guidelines.  Additional disinfection is taking place between patient appointments.  The office may be a bit cooler than normal due to the extra personal protective equipment worn by the team.

- We are utilizing only 50% of our space to ensure when patients must unmask there is an appropriate amount of distance between treatment areas.  Additional plexiglass walls have been installed to divide the main clinical space where we are also maintaining strict social distancing beyond 6 feet.


I understand that questions arise regarding the orthodontic treatment process.  For everyone's health I am trying to reduce the overall time patients spend in the clinic, when possible all conversations regarding treatment progress will be done over the phone, email or text.  Please let your orthodontic team member know you would like an update.  Again, if you need to accompany your child please let the team know when scheduling so that we can ensure a safe space for everyone.


While my office complies with the Health Department and the CDC infection control guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus, I cannot make any guarantees.  My staff and I are symptom-free and, to the best of our knowledge, have not been exposed to the virus.  However, since we are a place of public accommodation, other persons (including other patients) could be infected with or without their knowledge.


Thank you,


Dr. Scott Smoron 

(847) 255-2526

401 W Prospect Ave, Mt Prospect, IL 60056, USA