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Some people sometimes just want to have a quick idea of what can be done.  If you want to take photos like what you see here and email them to us at I will try to give you a quick analysis within a day or 2!

2/11/13  Removed braces last week.

Before BracesAfter Braces


Patient 1: Overbite corrected.  Things that are interesting to me.. you can get a bite to fit and still sometimes have the middle of the top and bottom not match up because of differences in the size of the teeth.  Looks good though.

Before OverbiteAfter Overbite Fixed


Patient 2: This one is from spring 2012.  The front 2 teeth needed to be reshaped a little to create a good fit between them and remove the gap where the gums do not fill in.  I also threw in photos looking at the top and bottom; there are bonded retainers behind the front teeth to help keep the alignment as perfect as possible with as little effort as possible.


Patient 3: An Invisalign that came out nicely.  A good example of a lower bonded retainer, too!

Top Before InvisalignBefore Invisalign LowerAfter Invisalign Lower


Another Invisalign patient that I loved how it turned out...big changes!  What's interesting to me is that when you look up at the top teeth there are a couple that look slightly turned.. but it looked perfect when he smiled.  He liked the outcome and started replacing old fillings to further improve his appearance.  He was also planning to get an implant to replace the missing tooth.

Before Invisalign FrontAfter Invisalign FrontBefore Invisalign UpperAfter Invisalign UpperBefore Invisalign LowerAfter Invisalign Lower

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